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Lieutenant General Zsolt Sándor

08:01 August 10, 2021

Personal data:
Date of birth: 4 June 1968.
Place of birth: Budapest
Marital status: Married, with two children

1989 Lajos Kossuth Military Academy, Mechanized Infantry specialty
1997 UN Military Observers’ Course, Austria
1998 NATO Staff Officer Course, Germany
2001 Parachutist Training Course
2003 Peace Operations Planning Course, USA
2004 Miklós Zrínyi National Defence University, Faculty of Military Science, Military Leadership Course
2007 Command Staff Course, USA NDU

Military career:
1986 Officer Cadet at Lajos Kossuth Military Academy (KLKF)
1989-1990 5th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, Company Commander, Mezőtúr
1990-1993 HDF István Bocskai Mechanized Infantry Brigade, Chief of Staff, 2nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion, Debrecen
1993-1994 HDF István Bocskai Mechanized Infantry Brigade, Acting Battalion Commander, 2nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion, Debrecen
1994-1995 HDF 66th Tivadar Puskás Battalion, Chief Operations Officer, Cegléd
1995-2000 HDF 88th Air Mobility Battalion, Operations Officer, Szolnok
2000-2004 HDF 1st Light Mixed Regiment, Deputy Commander, Szolnok
2004-2009HDF 25/88th Light Mixed Battalion, Commander, Szolnok
2009-2010 NATO Training Group, Cell Chief, USA
2010-2014 HDF 25th György Klapka Mechanized Infantry Brigade, Commander, Tata
2014-2017 Defence Attaché, USA
2017-2018 HDF Joint Forces Command (JFC) Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, 2018- HDF JFC Chief of Ground Forces (Second in Command)
2019-2020 HDF Headquarters Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations
2020-2021 HDF Reserve Training and Support Command, Commander
2021- Acting Deputy Commander of the Hungarian Defence Forces

Participation in operations (foreign service):
2000-2001 UN Military Observer (UNIKOM), Kuwait
2008-2009 HDF PRT Commander, Afghanistan

Medals, decorations:
Officer Service Medal 3rd Class (after 10 years of service)
Service Medal 3rd Class
Service Medal, Silver Grade (equivalent to 3rd Class, after 10 years of service).
Service Medal, Gold Grade Commemorative Medal, Gold Grade
Officer Service Medal 2nd Class (after 20 years of service)
Service Medal decorated with Laurel Wreath
Service Badge for Peacekeeping (UNIKOM)
NATO Service Medal (Afghanistan)
NATO Service Badge (NTG chief)
Parachutist Badge 2nd Class
Knight's Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit, Military Section

Language skills:
English Advanced level C
Spanish Intermediate level C

HVKF London 00

Hungarian Chief of Defence gives presentation at International Armoured Vehicles Conference in London

11:48 January 25, 2023

On 24 January, Lieutenant General Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi PhD, Chief of the General Staff of the Hungarian Defence Forces gave a presentation at the International Armoured Vehicles (IAVs) Conference, which was held with the participation of more than 60 speakers and more than 40 countries in London. Also in attendance at the event was Brigadier General János Somogyi, Deputy Director of Staff (DOS) Operations of the HDF General Staff.


National defence must be strengthened in all its segments

18:32 January 23, 2023

One important element in Hungary’s armed forces development program is the creation of the combat-worthy, strong armed forces, which conform with NATO’s concept for deterrence and are able to guarantee peace and the citizens’ security, said Brigadier General Dr. Imre Porkoláb, MoD Ministerial Commissioner for Defence Innovation at an international conference held with the title “Similarities, Differences and Possibilities of Cooperation in the Fields of Hungarian and Polish Armed Forces Development” at the Wacław Felczak Institute in Warsaw on 16 January.


Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky: Peace is of the utmost importance for Hungary and Serbia

18:23 January 23, 2023

Peace is of the utmost importance for Hungary and Serbia alike, and since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Hungary has been consistently drawn attention to truce and the attainment of peace, while Serbia agrees on the point that war can only bring bad luck for the smaller or medium-sized states of the region, and therefore its soonest possible end is in the interest of both countries, emphasized Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky in Belgrade on Friday, January 20.


The rejuvenation of HDF organizations is in progress

18:08 January 23, 2023

The process of rejuvenation has started in the Hungarian Defence Forces in the interest of Hungary’s security, so that we can pave the way for those young commanders who speak languages, have gained experiences on NATO courses and foreign missions, have outstanding physical stamina and will be the most capable ones to use modern military equipment and tactics. The current war situation warns us that it takes strength to achieve peace, and strength in turn requires modern, combat-worthy armed forces.


Hungarian Chief of Defence attends NATO session

14:07 January 20, 2023

On 18–19 January, leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the representatives of Finland and Sweden held a two-day meeting of the NATO Military Committee in Chiefs of Defence Session at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The event was attended by Lieutenant General Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi PhD, Chief of the HDF General Staff, who also met the Hungarian soldiers serving in Belgium and gave them recognitions.

EUFOR uj PK 09

New Commander assumes command of EUFOR Operation Althea

13:51 January 20, 2023

On 18 January 2023, Major General Helmut Habermayer assumed command of EUFOR Operation Althea. At the Change of Command ceremony, the Hungarian Ministry of Defence was represented by Gábor Gion, MoD State Secretary for Strategic Analysis and Human Resources and Lieutenant General Zsolt Sándor, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Hungarian Defence Forces.


HDF organizations to be rejuvenated

13:47 January 20, 2023

“In an age of dangers, the Government of Hungary considers the security of the Hungarian people as its top priority. In parallel with the procurement of modern military technology, the organizational transformation of the armed forces is also under way. In this work, we have now reached the threshold of a new era. The personnel of the Hungarian Defence Forces must be renewed as well”, said Minister of Defence Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky at his annual assessment conference held in the Budapest Whale in the morning of Tuesday, 17 January.

bal alsó_felső kiemelés

The Skylark procurement project has come to an end

14:42 January 11, 2023

Pro Patria Electronics Ltd., a Hungarian military electronics service provider, held a project completion ceremony of the Skylark-1 LEX and Skylark-3 unmanned aerial reconnaissance systems’ delivery on Tuesday, December 6th, at the Stefánia Palace - Honvéd Cultural Centre in Budapest. At the event, Major General Ferenc Kajári, Group Chief of the Military National Security Service Reconnaissance Group Headquarters, praised the military force development project carried out in cooperation between the Budapest-based company and the Israeli defence company Elbit.

NATO (14)

NATO looks back

09:38 January 9, 2023

Like several other organizations, the NATO Multinational Corps Northeast (MNC NE) looks back on last year’s events on its social media page through photos presented by month.

kanadai-magyar 13

Fruitful Canadian–Hungarian cooperation

20:36 December 14, 2022

The Canadian CAE, a high-tech firm at the leading edge of digital immersion, celebrated the 75th anniversary of its foundation in Normafa Event House, Budapest on Monday, 12 December. Having a Hungarian subsidiary company since 2009, this high-tech firm has been working to contribute to the successes of the Hungarian Defence Forces at several points beyond development: through its NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) program to the training of fighter pilots, through the production of simulators for the training of Airbus A319 pilots, and through the simulator training provided for H145M helicopter pilots.