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Another Dancon March in Kosovo

Text: Warrant Officer Krisztina Végh |  12:10 April 12, 2024

On 7 April, the Dancon March began with more than a thousand participants, who wanted to beat again the nearly 25km distance.

Dancon_March_Koszovo (2)

Buses continuously arrived at Camp Novo Selo in Kosovo from 6 a.m. so that soldiers could complete the endurance march on the difficult terrain. Following the registration, Brigadier General John Bozievic, Chief of Staff of NATO Kosovo Force, welcomed the participants, and then the march began. During the route, several points of refreshment awaited the participants, which was indispensable in the warm weather. The endurance march was spent in a good mood; many teams also carried their national flags while marching.

The best result among women was achieved by a Greek soldier with 3:05,10, while among men, a British soldier finished first with a 2:02,10 time. As for the Hungarian participants, Sergeant Domokos András Pélei finished the 23km distance in 2 hours 13 minutes 10 seconds, with which he was the fifth to cross the finish line in the overall result.

The Dancon March was first organized in Cyprus in 1972 with 25km and 100km distances, then it became a tradition in each area of operations where Danish soldiers are serving.