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Another step towards full operational capability

Headquarters Multinational Division Centre activated

Text: Gábor Kálmánfi | Photo: Lieutenant Colonel Eszter Skrinyár and Gábor Nagy |  18:08 May 10, 2022

Based on its Activation Document issued on 3 May, the North Atlantic Council activated with immediate effect the Headquarters Multinational Division Centre (HQ MND-C) located in Székesfehérvár. The activation ceremony was held on Tuesday, 10 May.

HQ MND-C (20)

In practice, activation means that starting from that date, the organization is under the direct command of the NATO tasking authorities, and – as an International Military Headquarters – is integrated into the NATO Force Structure. At the same time, the three framework nations of HQ MND-C (Croatia, Slovakia and Hungary) continue to cooperate for the success of the organization. In his ceremonial speech, Major General Denis Tretinjak, commander of HQ MND-C said that the professionalism and work of all those serving here have contributed to the achievement of the level necessary for the activation of HQ MND-C. He added that the work of the organization will further intensify in the future, but the good teamwork will enable its personnel to carry out all their tasks. In answer to our question, he told us that there is no correlation between the Russo-Ukrainian war and the activation of HQ MND-C, since the organization had already been initiated years before the situation in Ukraine escalated. At the same time, he also noted the fact that there is an ongoing war in a country neighboring the host nation of HQ MND-C will emphasize the mission of the organization, which is to contribute to allied and regional security.

It is important to underline that the activation does not involve any troop movements – at the same time, it is an important step for HQ MND-C towards achieving full operational capability, the final date of which is 31 December 2023. Over the last few years and also in this year, the more than 100 personnel of the organization participated in several international exercises, while they continue preparation on the organizational level as well.


At the ceremony, Brigadier General Péter Ernő Siposs handed over the position of deputy commander of the organization to Slovak Brigadier General Tibor Králik. The outgoing deputy commander assured his successor of his full support. It was stated that the personnel must keep following the motto of the organization at all times: they must be innovative and courageous, and must keep their faith. Brigadier General Tibor Králik pointed out that so far, the personnel have worked hard and excellently, and will be required to continue to do so if they want to achieve full operational capability by the designated date. As he said, he had been impressed by the professionalism and assiduity of those serving here, and being a true team-player, he himself would also like to contribute, at the highest level, to the work that is going on here.

As part of the activation ceremony, the NATO flag and the flag of HQ MND-C were solemnly raised to the music played by the Székesfehérvár Garrison Band. The ceremony closed with the cutting of a superb special cake baked for the significant occasion.