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Armoured Vehicles of the Future

Text: HDF General Staff Strategic Communication Directorate | Photo: HDF General Staff Strategic Communication Directorate |  12:25 January 25, 2024

Major General Attila Takács, Deputy Chief of HDF General Staff for area protection represented Hungary at the “International Armoured Vehicles 2024” conference held in London between 22 and 24 January.


More than 40 countries represented by 1000 people participated in the event. Presentation topics covered the whole ecosystem of armoured vehicles, and their spectrum involved the military and governmental leadership as well as the leading military industry producers. It focused on a future war fought in a multi-domain environment. Plenary lectures, panel discussions, workshops, presentations of military industry companies and exchanges of personal experience took place in parallel.

Military strategic leaders, experts and producers were especially interested in the current Russo-Ukrainian war and the war in Israel. Directions for modernizing military equipment, issues of logistics and supply and the methods of applying communication, defence, offensive and AI systems on the battlefield were discussed during the presentations.


At the closing event of the second day, Major General Attila Takács talked about the current challenges for the army, the armed forces development program of the Hungarian Defence Forces, the Lynx KF4HU infantry fighting vehicle and its production in Hungary in his presentation. He also mentioned the developing Hungarian military industry and the different technical aspects of military digitalization.