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Consultation between Hungarian and Portuguese defence policy directors

Text: Péter Snoj/Ministry of Defence | Photo: Warrant Officer Lajos Szabó |  15:04 November 29, 2022

On 25 November, Deputy State Secretary for Defence Policy László Hajnik received Portuguese National Defence Policy Director Paulo Lourenço on a working visit in Budapest.


During the consultation between the defence policy directors, László Hajnik spoke about Hungary’s position on the Ukrainian war and the Hungarian supports provided to Ukraine. Furthermore, he pointed out that the security and stability of the Western Balkans is a top priority for Hungary, due to its geographical location. The participants exchanged views on the enhanced Vigilance Activity Battle Groups (eVA BGs), which had been set up for reinforcing NATO’s Eastern flank, and the Headquarters Multinational Division Centre (HQ MND-C) established in Hungary.

The defence policy directors agreed that in the interest of European security, the challenges from the south must also be tackled, preferably at their site of origin. One especially important element of this is the joint regional and the European Union-level cooperation against terrorism originating from the Sahel. During the discussion, the guests obtained detailed information about the Hungarian National Defence and Armed Forces Development Program as well. At the meeting – which was initiated by Hungary and deemed very useful by both sides – the two delegations identified several potential fields of cooperation.