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Defence planning in focus

Text: István Szecsey | Photo: Warrant Officer Lajos Szabó |  10:30 November 18, 2022

On Thursday, 17 November, Lieutenant General Zsolt Sándor, Deputy Commander, Hungarian Defence Forces received in his office an American delegation from the Institute for Security Governance.


The ISG’s main mission is to build capability and capacity in allied and partner countries through tailored advising, education and professional development programs. The Hungarian Defence Forces have been cooperating with the ISG since 2020.

At the meeting, the participants emphasized that further cooperation with the ISG is of outstanding importance for the Hungarian Defence Forces, since the integration of professional support provided by the institute as well as the maintenance and continuation of cooperation may contribute to increasing the efficiency of connecting strategic-level and operational-level planning processes. As the two sides pointed out, ISG’s professional support has contributed to establishing a more credible and robust operational planning capability within the Hungarian Defence Forces Command Operations Directorate. Besides, the training programs held by the ISG have greatly contributed to generating and developing operations planning as well as operations analysis and operations assessment.


The American delegation underscored the efficiency and significance of sharing professional experiences in the field of cyber defence with the HDF Cyber Operations Command. In today’s changed security environment, multi-domain operations are being conducted, and the rapid development of revolutionary (disruptive) technologies presents a challenge to all actors. The ISG training programs promote the further development of cyber defence, as well as the concept development, experimentation and the practical application of scientific research.

While visiting Hungary, in addition to the above, the delegation had discussions with Lieutenant Colonel Csaba Bakos, Head of Service Development Department at the HDF Force Modernization and Transformation Command (HDF FMTC) Service Development Directorate; and with Colonel Zoltán Bárány, Director, HDF FMTC Analysis and Planning Directorate on the role of joint operations planning in the 10-year transformation plan of the Hungarian Defence Forces and the possibilities of further cooperation.