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“Esterházy” Hussar Regiment Celebrated in Metz

Text: defence.hu | Photo: Gábor Kormány |  10:41 March 25, 2024

A celebration was organized with the participation of Hungarian soldiers to mark the 260th anniversary of the 3rd “Esterházy” Hussar Regiment of the French Armed Forces in Metz, France on 21 March. Thousands were interested in seeing the spectacular ceremony.


György Habsburg, Ambassador to Hungary in Paris was also there at the regimental parade in the city square. The spectacular ceremony was also attended by Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky and on behalf of the Hungarian Defence Forces, by Captain Mike Pál Bugnics, adjutant and soldiers of the HDF “vitéz Szurmay Sándor” Garrison Brigade’s Count Ferenc Nádasdy hussar squadron. “A hussar is more than a cavalryman. We are the hussars, the essence of our national character in uniform” – wrote the defence minister on his social media page in connection with the jubilee meeting. “The Hungarian nation gave the world a whole branch of service: the Hungarian hussars, whose virtue was recounted in tales throughout Europe and the whole world, and whose beautiful braided hussar uniform is proudly worn in many places still today.”


The 3rd Hussar Regiment (3ème „Esterhazy” régiment de Hussards, 3e RH) is a French regiment belonging to the French–German mixed brigade of the French Army’s 1st division, which was created by Prince Bálint Miklós Esterházy in 1764. Since then, the regiment has participated in all the wars France has taken part in: it distinguished itself in the Napoleonic Wars, the two World Wars and the colonial wars in the second half of the 20th century, among others. The regiment received the decoration Croix de Guerre for its honourable performance.

Besides their modern equipment, the Esterházy hussars still stick to hussar traditions: equestrian training is still an indispensable part of the preparation in the regiment and until the recent past, wearing a moustache was also obligatory.