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High-visibility training of NATO forces

12:38 February 4, 2024

The NATO Forward Land Forces Battle Group (NATO FLF BG HUN) conducted another high-visibility training session in the Central Training Area of the Hungarian Defence Forces in January.

In Camp Croft, the scout, engineer and logistics elements, in cooperation with the CIMIC, Croatian MP and EOD forces carried out reconnaissance and disarming of combined obstacle systems, led by the battalion forward command post.

The battle group's main command post was stationed at Camp Thunder (Újdörögd) and led Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) conducted in the so-called „Romváros” (Ruin City) training area.

Supervised by the Croatian special operations forces (SOF) team, the Italian and Hungarian companies fought against each other in the scenario. The Italians successfully seized the buildings occupied by the Hungarians and freed the civilians taken as hostages.