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HQ MND-C commander visited officers's Casino Association in Székesfehérvár

Text: ret. Colonel Gyula Sajner and HQ MND-C | Photo: ret. Colonel István Görög |  17:34 February 18, 2022

At the invitation of the Fehérvár Officers' Casino Association, Major General Denis Tretinjak, Commander of the Headquarters Multinational Division – Centre (HQ MND-C), gave a presentation on 15th of February at the association's meeting in Székesfehérvár.

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The Commander briefed the members of the association about the purpose of the establishment of HQ MND-C, the development carried out since then, and about the preparation process having been executed to achieve the operational capability of the organization. In his presentation, the Major General said: HQ MND-C is a regional, deployable, division-level headquarters dedicated to responding to the military challenges of a changing security environment and contributing to NATO's security and defense efforts. The leaders of the framework nations that created the headquarters - Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia - offered the Alliance to establish an international military headquarters because they jointly recognized that there was a need to reinforce the NATO structure in the Central European region in order to manage security risks with military force even more efficiently.

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There are many mutually beneficial opportunities for the three nations to work together. Among other things, Major General Tretinjak mentioned and emphasized learning about and adopting procedures, incorporating and applying national experience in joint trainings, furthermore, HQ MND-C serving as a platform for sharing and further strengthening the results of national military industry developments. He stressed, that the joint preparation of national forces affiliated to the division would serve to strengthen both NATO Force Structure and the capabilities of each participating national defence forces. During the presentation, the exercises of HQ MND-C already executed as well as planned in the near future were also discussed.

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At the meeting, Major General Tretinjak praised the hospitality of Székesfehérvár, the city hosting the headquarters, and thanked them for their support. Furthermore, he thanked the opportunity to inform the representatives of the armed and law enforcement organizations of Székesfehérvár about the work and aspirations of HQ MND-C during his visit to the Officers’ Casino. Based on his international experience, the commander considered this level of cooperation of the organizations participating in the work of the Officers' Casino Association to be extremely important, unique and an example to be followed.

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