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Learning to deploy tents constructed to 21st century requirements

Text: Lieutenant István Viktor Kapás | Photo: Photos by the author |  10:15 October 5, 2021

Mobile Field Deployable Accommodation Set – this is the name of a tent whose deployability, setting up and dismantling were the topics of a trade training event co-organized by the Infrastructure Branch Directorate of the Logistic Directorate of the Hungarian Defence Forces Command and the Training Branch Directorate of the HDF 37th Ferenc Rákóczi II Engineer Regiment.

2021_10_01 MTEK kiképzés_004

The training audience consisted of soldiers drawn from the Support Company of the 25th rotation of the HDF KFOR Contingent.

The MFDAS tents – which entered service in the KFOR Tactical Reserve Battalion (KTRBN) made up of Hungarian troops – are suitable for establishing quarters, lavatories and workstations.

2021_10_01 MTEK kiképzés_011

In accordance with 21st century requirements, the tent structure is made of rigid aluminum frame reinforced with carbon fibers. Its walls are heat-reflecting PVC canvas with very high-level heat insulation capacity equaling that of a factory-made block of flats. Among others, thanks to this capability, they lend themselves to building energy efficient camps operating in island mode, independently of public facilities. These tents provide the soldiers with adequate comfort and work environment even under extreme weather conditions.

During the trade training event, the soldiers of the support company acquired all necessary skills enabling them to independently set up the tents.