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Outstanding Hungarian performance in the conflict zone

Text: UNIFIL |  13:17 February 21, 2024

Before completing their tour of duty abroad, the Hungarian and Polish soldiers serving with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) received their peacekeeping medals in the framework of a medal parade ceremony.


The Hungarian contingent was drawn from the personnel of the Hungarian Defence Forces “vitéz Szurmay Sándor” Budapest Garrison Brigade. The rotation deployed with the Polish–Hungarian platoon of the Polish battalion of the Irish–Polish Battalion (IRISHPOLBATT) to conduct patrolling, monitoring and observation tasks in the southern part of Lebanon and along the “Blue Line”, the Israel–Lebanon border section. The professional performance of their duties and their committed service have outstanding significance due to the currently ongoing conflict in the region.

Stationed in Camp Shamrock and a patrol base set up along the Israeli border, the Hungarian troops served for six months as part of the multinational battalion. The ceremony was attended by the commanders and senior national representatives of the battalions stationed nearby, the representatives of the Lebanese Armed Forces, the commander of UNIFIL Sector West as well as Hungarian defence, military and air attaché Colonel József Gulyás representing the Embassy of Hungary in Lebanon. The superiors thanked the personnel and the leaders of the contingent for the outstanding professional performance of their duties, also during the present situation, and for their precise task execution.

This March, another batch of Hungarian troops will arrive to rotate out those who are soon to reach the end of their tour of duty in the mission. The personnel of this new rotation have already successfully completed their pre-deployment training as members of the Polish company in Poland.