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Polish–Hungarian Cooperation: a Delegation has Arrived in Hungary

Text: Major Dóra Duruczné Téglás | Photo: Warrant Officer Lajos Szabó, Veronika Dévényi |  14:29 May 17, 2024

Lieutenant General Ferenc Kajári, Deputy Chief of HDF General Staff, recently received Colonel Andrzej Lis, Commander of Doctrine and Training Centre of the Polish Armed Forces (DTC PAF), within the framework of an official visit.

202405_lengyel delegáció_SZL (1)

The purpose of the bilateral discussion initiated by Polish Chief of Defence General Wiesław Kukuła is to share the lessons learned during transformational processes among the experts of the Doctrine and Training Centre of the Polish Armed Forces and the HDF Force Modernization and Transformation Command (HDF FMTC). The shared lessons learned might contribute to the formation of an organization in the PAF with a task system similar to that of the HDF FMTC. The delegation headed by Colonel Lis arrived in Hungary on Monday to learn about the capability development of the HDF and the lessons learned during transformational processes and to share these.

On the first day of the professional discussions, Colonel Zoltán Bárány, acting Commander of the HDF FMTC, received the delegation of three in the Görgey Artúr Barracks in Szentendre. Colonel Bárány underlined that it is an honour that the PAF form the new organization based on the Hungarian lessons learned. Meanwhile, he highlighted the importance of bilateral cooperation and learning, especially in the fields of capabilities, armed forces development, training and preparation.

202405_lengyel delegáció_DV (1)

Following the introduction of the HDF FMTC, its operating conditions, structure and task system, the Polish colonel also introduced the structure and operation of their organization. During the program in Szentendre of the four-day visit to Hungary, the HDF General Staff Capabilities Development Directorate, the HDF Military Training Centre and the HDF NCO Academy introduced themselves. The Polish partners learned about the Acélkocka (Steel Cube) NCO training system and the SERE and C-IED capabilities.

In the second part of the visit, the discussions continued. The detailed presentations of the command provided a comprehensive view not only of sharing the lessons learned and processing topics deriving from the transformational task system but also of the results of the command, the doctrinal system, the shaping of the digital teaching material and the successes and challenges of processing the lessons learned. At the end of the four-day consultation, the Polish guests were informed about the capability development of the HDF by the HDF GS Force Planning Directorate.

At the end of the visit, Colonel Lis gave the HDF FMTC thanks for receiving them and for sharing the lessons learned. The two leaders, Colonels Andrzej Lis and Zoltán Bárány agreed on maintaining and continuing the bilateral cooperation, as a part of which the command was invited to participate in the Polish innovation course. Also, Colonel Bárány will represent Hungary in the Field Experimentation Exercise 24 (FEX-24) of the PAF to be held at the end of May.