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President of the Republic Tamás Sulyok Inaugurated

Text: defence.hu / MTI | Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák / MTI |  15:39 March 11, 2024

The inauguration ceremony of Tamás Sulyok as President of the Republic and Commander in Chief of the Hungarian Defence Forces took place on Sunday, 10 March. At the beginning of the ceremony, the Guard and Ceremonial Regiment and the Count Ferenc Nádasdy Hussar Battalion paid tribute at Szent György Square. Then, the historical flags were brought to the square and the historical churches’ representatives gave their blessings, and the ceremony was closed by the speech of the head of state.

Sulyok Tamas

It is the highest honour to serve the country and the nation – said President of the Republic Tamás Sulyok in his speech at the inauguration ceremony in front of the Sándor Palace. The head of state recalled that he “did not prepare for this service, this task” but if fate makes us face unexpected situations and calls us to service, we shall not get out of the way.

“My oath sanctifies my loyalty and engagement to my country” – he said adding that he has always stood up for the enforcement of the Fundamental Law guaranteeing the rule of law.

Tamás Sulyok underlined that as president, he always wishes to be the defender of the Hungarian people’s dignity and he will follow the good examples of his predecessors on the “paved” road, also adding his own “cobblestones”.

My support, the compass of my whole life is law, and I wish to work according to this – declared the head of state.