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Type certification of H225M helicopters completed

Text: MoD State Aviation Department |  16:12 March 20, 2023

The Hungarian military type certification of the Airbus H225M medium lift helicopters has recently been completed. Two out of the 16 ordered multi-role helicopters are going to be handed over at the Airbus Helicopters facility in Marignane, France this July. The Ministry of Defence has placed an order for a total of 16 helicopters of this type in the framework of the National Defence and Armed Forces Development program, with the aim of developing the transport helicopter capability of the Hungarian Defence Forces.

H225M_fotó 3

After the signing of a memorandum of agreement to create an industrial cooperation for long-term aviation projects in December 2018, the MoD State Aviation Department issued the necessary Hungarian military licenses to the involved organizations of Airbus Helicopters, among the Training Academy of the company as well, where Hungarian military pilots and ground crews can undergo the training needed for operating the type.

The Hungarian military type certification of the H225M helicopters started in 2021. During this process, special attention was paid to the characteristics of the Hungarian configuration of the helicopter, because these helicopters are expressly to be designed and manufactured to meet the Hungarian military requirements.

In connection with the certification procedure, the subject matter experts of the Ministry of Defence first visited the manufacturer in March 2022, where they held a professional discussion with the experts responsible for the design and manufacturing as well as the operation and maintenance system of this helicopter type. At the end of the process, a type certification test flight was flown with the helicopter bearing the factory identification sign IRO 011 between 28 February and 1 March 2023.

The certification team of the authority collaborated with the experts of the manufacturer in working out the program of certification, and conducted the flight with the help of the Airbus test flight personnel in the test airspace of the plant. The procedure has concluded with the issuance of the Hungarian military type certificate of the H225M medium multi-role lift helicopter, which is a precondition for the aircraft type to enter service in Hungary.