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Young and ageless comrades together

Text: Gábor Kálmánfi | Photo: Photos by the author |  16:57 September 13, 2021

The most fortunate turn of events for a retired soldiers is when he can pass down his experiences to his grandchildren in a historical environment. The National Alliance of Comradeship Associations (NACA) organized the Little Comrades’ Meeting for the first time in the Pákozd Military Memorial Park on Saturday, 11 September. Also in attendance at the event was Lieutenant-General Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi, Commander of the Hungarian Defence Forces.

Pákozd (8)

The Hungarian armed forces were born at Pákozd in 1848 – and in 2021, it was here that the idea of the Little Comrades’ Meeting became reality, during which the elder generation could revive their military experiences for the youngest ones amid a scenery fitting the occasion.

NACA President Retired Lieutenant-General Károly Hazuga told the press that it is very important to strengthen the relationship between the Hungarian Defence Forces and society. “The community of retired soldiers serves the cause of national defence, since the oath of service obliges us for a lifetime. The best form of this is when we can share with our grandchildren our experiences gained during our military career”, said the lieutenant-general.

Pákozd (10)

The young participants of the meeting had to carry out soldierlike tasks at ten different stations in order to have the opportunity to attend the gift drawing at the close of the day. Those who negotiated, among others, the obstacle course as well as the challenges of the laser game and the simulator could be excited whether their names would be drawn. The ten luckiest “little comrades” received the awards from Lieutenant-General Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi, Commander of the Hungarian Defence Forces.

Pákozd (11)

During an informal conversation, the participants of the meeting had opportunity to put questions to the commander, who answered them by explaining that in the framework of the National Defence and Armed Forces Development Program, the Hungarian Defence Forces have procured and continue to procure new and modern military equipment as well as the professional training that comes with them. He also mentioned the reform of officer training among the longer-term plans.

Lieutenant-Commander Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi noted that in his opinion, the society increasingly recognizes the soldiers’ performance, and the retired service members have had and still have a continuing role in this achievement.