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HDF 1st Armored Brigade

202405_Brave_Warrior_FLF_BG_tatai_dandár (nyitó)

Complex Demonstration

16:09 May 14, 2024

Within the framework of Exercise Brave Warrior 2024, the Hungarian rifle company of the NATO Forward Land Forces Battle Group (NATO FLF BG) recently demonstrated its capabilities during a complex tactical training event conducted on the Kőröshegy shooting range of the Bakony Hills military training area.

nato harccsoport 02

NATO Battle Group in Újmajor

14:06 November 10, 2023

Camp Újmajor of the HDF Joint Forces Training Centre accommodates the multinational Forward Land Force Battle Group (FLF BG HUN), one of the NATO elements of Exercise Adaptive Hussars 2023. At the same time, besides the units of the Hungarian Defence Forces and the international personnel, the graduating students of the HDF Ludovika Battalion and the soldiers of territorial defence regiments have also been concentrated here.