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Major Attila Veres


Commemoration in Belgrade of soldiers fallen in the First World War

12:02 November 8, 2023

On 6 November, organized by the Defence, Military and Air Attaché Office of the Hungarian Embassy in Belgrade, a commemoration took place in Novo Groblje cemetery, Belgrade, in memory of those Austrian and Hungarian soldiers who had fallen in the First World War.


Nándorfehérvár victory commemorated in Belgrade

15:07 July 25, 2023

On 21 July, on the occasion of the 567th anniversary of the Nándorfehérvár victory, a commemorative event was held in Belgrade in the organization of the Hungarian embassy and Belgrade municipal branch of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (AVH). During the commemoration, József Magyar, Hungary’s ambassador to Belgrade, Deputy Attaché Major Attila Veres and the invitees laid wreaths at the memorial in the Belgrade Fortress and at John Hunyadi’s statue in Zemun.