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Ambitious, not impossible – challenge, not obstacle

It has closed a busy year, but the division headquarters faces even more tasks

Text: Ltc. Eszter Skrinyár | Photo: Cpt. Enikő Földházi |  17:21 December 17, 2021

“We have taken tremendous steps this year to achieve in the near future initial and in 2023 full operational capabilities”, started Major General Denis Tretinjak, commander of the Headquarters Multinational Division – Centre (HQ MND-C), who, with Command Sergeant Major Mario Mateljic, Command Senior Enlisted Leader, addressed the personnel of the headquarters via Skype on 17 December in Székesfehérvár, in the barracks of Alba Régia.

2021_12_17 VTC holiday address 02

Although the command team wanted to thank the staff face-to-face for the hard work throughout the year, they could only do it with the help of available technology, in accordance with the strict regulations regarding the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. At this time last year, also due to COVID19 regulations, the staff was basically assigned to home office, so it was impossible to keep even a similar year-close like this, but the year 2021 brought such results that the commander and the command senior enlisted leader wanted to talk about in any case.

At the beginning of the year, the headquarters was able to move to new container offices with the best working conditions possible, and the same will happen in the first month of 2022, when the second container complex will be handed over to the multinational staff. This year, the number 100 of people, previously seemed unreachable, has been exceeded, and with the accession of Slovakia and the arrival of the Slovak group of 5, now it is already three nations that form this regional initiative. “Human capital, collective knowledge and skills are the driving force behind this joint project,” the general emphasized.

According to the commander, the organization will be activated in NATO Force Structure by March at the latest, which will “bring a new level of further work for all of us, in line with our new status within the NATO family”.

The CSM Mateljic spoke about the two major exercises of this year, highlighting the importance of individual and collective training. Given that training is the only way to build the skills needed to plan and lead division-level operations, next year will be even more ambitious and challenging. It is planned that the organization will not only take part in two major international exercises, but will also launch its own series of training.

2021_12_17 VTC holiday address 03

Most of the key documents needed to set up and operate a new headquarters have already been completed, but in addition to training, great emphasis will need to be placed on developing standing operating procedures, instructions and staff directives in 2022, as they focus on the criteria related to the CREVAL (combat readiness evaluation) due in 2023.

“The results and projects achieved are entirely the result of joint work and effort, and we really want everyone to feel that they are part of a winning team that is moving towards our ultimate goal, a fully operational division headquarters” added CSM Mateljic.

The commander expressed his hope that next year will bring them calm, COVID-free conditions so that they would be able to meet the staff more often and listen to their views and suggestions, as they are all important to them.

2021_12_17 VTC holiday address 05

“We expect everyone to stay ambitious, which is not about setting impossible goals. Let us not see obstacles in the challenges, but look for new, innovative ways to achieve the goals” underlined Major General Tretinjak.

In closing, they said it is an honour for them to serve in the leadership of this headquarters; they want everyone to be proud of the results so far and the hard work they have done to succeed.