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Ltc. Eszter Skrinyár

Discussion RUSUKR (1)

Ukraine lecture

17:44 April 9, 2022

At the request of Headquarters Multinational Division Centre, András Rácz PhD and Krisztián Jójárt, experts of the Institute for Strategic and Defense Studies, National University of Public Service, gave a lecture on the strategic and operational aspects of the war in Ukraine.


Multinational initiative in international spotlight

07:20 March 22, 2022

Major General Denis Tretinjak, commander of Headquarters Multinational Division Centre (HQ MND-C) gave a briefing to the Echelon of National Military Representatives of thirty NATO nations, at NATO Allied Command Operations in Belgium, on the establishment and current status of the headquarters.

2021_12_17 VTC holiday address 04

Ambitious, not impossible – challenge, not obstacle

17:21 December 17, 2021

“We have taken tremendous steps this year to achieve in the near future initial and in 2023 full operational capabilities”, started Major General Denis Tretinjak, commander of the Headquarters Multinational Division – Centre (HQ MND-C), who, with Command Sergeant Major Mario Mateljic, Command Senior Enlisted Leader, addressed the personnel of the headquarters via Skype on 17 December in Székesfehérvár, in the barracks of Alba Régia.

Horvát-magyar (2)

Common history of two nations – past and present

19:20 December 10, 2021

Major General Denis Tretinjak, Commander of the Headquarters Multinational Division – Centre and Brigadier General Ernő Péter Siposs, Deputy Commander, represented the international unit based in Székesfehérvár at the “Ars et virtus. Croatia – Hungary: 800 years of shared cultural heritage” at the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest on 9 December 2021.