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American cooperation

The commander of the V Corps of the United States Army pays a visit to Hungary

Text: Márton Mészáros Navarrai | Photo: Lajos Szabó |  09:58 August 24, 2023

Lt. Gen. John S. Kolasheski, Commander of the United States V Corps, paid an official visit to the Ministry of Defence of Hungary on Tuesday, 22nd August.


The high-ranking American guest who came to our country for a two-day-long visit was received by Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) Major General Ferenc Kajári in his office in the Balaton Street building of the ministry. During their one-to-one discussion, the American side was briefed on the current state of the HDF Force Development Program and the activities of the NATO Enhanced Vigilance Activity Battle Group (HUN eVA BG).

Major General Kajári highly appreciated the American contribution to the Battle Group. Lieutenant General Kolasheski, who has been through the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, emphasized that he considers joint training and participation in international exercises important, as these are the most effective means of developing interoperability. The task of the American V Corps is to ensure a stronger presence in Europe and to participate in the reinforcement of NATO's eastern flank. As a follow-on to his visit to Hungary, on Wednesday, Lieutenant General Kolasheski will visit the Headquarters of Multinational Division Centre (HQ MND-C) located in Székesfehérvár as well as the American subunit located there as part of the eVA BG.