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Paratroopers relieve mountain infantrymen in NATO Battle Group

Text: HDF General Staff | Photo: eVA BG ITA |  09:18 August 10, 2023

At a ceremony held on Wednesday, 9 August, the personnel of the Italian Brigata Paracadutisti “Folgore” (airborne brigade) rotated in to replace that of Brigata Alpina “Julia” (mountain infantry brigade) in Veszprém Jutaspuszta – Újmajor camp. Lieutenant Colonel Massimiliano Careddu, the outgoing commander of the Italian contingent of NATO’s enhanced Vigilance Activity Battle Group (eVA BG) relinquished his duties as contingent commander to Lieutenant Colonel Salvatore Sotgiu at the multinational military unit stationed in Hungary.

07. la JULIA bis

The event was attended by General Nicola Lanza de Cristoforis, Deputy Commander, Italian Joint Operations Headquarters; Roberto Taraddei, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Italy in Budapest; Brigadier General Franco del Favero, the commander of the alpine brigade; and Brigadier General Roberto Vergori, the commander of the paratroopers. The Hungarian Defence Forces were represented by Brigadier General Gábor Lőrincz, Commander, HDF Land Component Command. The commanders of the American and Croatian contingents of the eVA BG were also present at the ceremony.

Brigata Alpina “Julia” started its service on Újmajor Base in February 2023. During the recent period, it conducted more than 100 training exercises and live fire tactical training events in close cooperation with American, Croatian and Hungarian forces. Besides the contingent, the logistic support provided by the Italian National Support Element (ITA NSE) also played an outstanding role, as the NSE was responsible for the sustainment of the 260 troops’ everyday life in the Italian contingent, and also for the maintenance of the close to 100 vehicles with Italian markings on them. In the future, the paratroopers of Brigata Paracadutisti “Folgore” will represent the Italian military in the NATO operation, which is being conducted to fulfil the tasks of deterrence and defence on the eastern flank of the Alliance.