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Anti-doping fight has an outstanding role in Hungary

Text: Ministry of Defence | Photo: Dr. Ádám Schmidt’s official Facebook page |  13:17 October 12, 2023

The anti-doping monitoring group of the Council of Europe recently paid a visit to the Ministry of Defence State Secretariat for Sport, where its members were introduced to Hungary’s anti-doping activities in the framework of professional days. Speaking about the visit, Secretary of State for Sports Dr. Ádám Schmidt pointed out that our country plays an outstanding role in the anti-doping fight on an international scale as well.

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“Sports are a key strategic branch in Hungary, where besides competitive sports focused on athletic success, health promotion based on physical exercise and fair play also have an important role. One of their fundamental pillars is the fight against prohibited substances and methods used to enhance athletic performance, and the significance of this fight is unquestionable in Hungary”, pointed out the secretary of state for sports, who has been a member of the Foundation Board of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) since 2022.

“In the past few years, Hungary has hosted several important international sporting events, most recently the immensely successful Budapest 23 World Athletic Championships, where the Hungarian Anti-Doping Group (HUNADO) either performed doping control or cooperated in it. In all instances, this activity took place to the satisfaction of the commissioning international sports federations, which is a proof of the internationally recognized quality of HUNADO’s work”, added Dr. Ádám Schmidt.

The delegation of five experts from the Council of Europe was received by MoD Deputy Secretary of State for Sports Administration and Development Gábor Schmidt at the State Secretariat for Sport. Besides the staff of the Sports Administration Department of the State Secretariat, also present at the meeting were representatives of the Hungarian Anti-Doping Group (HUNADO), the Hungarian Olympic Committee, the Hungarian Paralympic Committee, the Hungarian University of Sports Science, the Hungarian Swimming Association, the Hungarian Canoe Federation, the Hungarian Waterpolo Federation and the National Sports Agency of Hungary.

Press release of the Ministry of Defence