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Artillery in focus

Text: defence.hu / Captain David Schuh | Photo: FLF BG HUN Italian contingent |  10:31 December 18, 2023

NATO Forward Land Force Battlegroup (FLF BG HUN) had a tactical training session coupled with a live fire exercise at the artillery ranges at zero point, in Újmajor and Kőröshegy between 27 November and 1 December.


Although the Italian contingent had to use all of its technical devices during the exercise, the FH-70 155 mm towed howitzers and the TR-F1 120 mm mortars of the artillery received a major role. The latter ones were delivered to Kőröshegy, the location of the training by an Mi-17 aircraft in a so-called Sling Load Training on the third day of the exercise. The optical observers of the HDF 1st Armoured Brigade Valiant József Barankay Self-propelled Artillery Battalion also participated in the exercise, where they practiced call for fire and fire observation with varied targets.

During the exercise, the Italian rifle company carried out SOSRA Training coupled with a night live fire exercise with fire support, and Spike antitank missiles were also launched. Meanwhile, the Croatian contingent’s Special Operations Group and the military police and EOD platoons participated in a situational fire exercise at the artillery range in Újmajor, while the Italian mechanical platoon practiced not only cratering, but also the destruction of devices in the framework of an demolition practise.

The exercises were carried out under the coordination of the fire support section of the FLF staff.