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Commander of Hungarian Defence Forces visits Iraq

Text: Hungarian Defence Forces Command |  10:11 December 13, 2021

Lieutenant General Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi, Commander of the Hungarian Defence Forces recently paid a three-day visit to Iraq. During his stay, he held a discussion with the chief of staff of the Iraqi Armed Forces and visited the base of the Hungarian Defence Forces Iraqi Training Support Contingent (HTSC) in Erbil.

Bagdad_MHpk (5)

While in Baghdad, Lieutenant General Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi first held a discussion with General Abdul Ameer Rasheed Yar Allah Al Lami, Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Armed Forces. Besides current security policy issues, the two sides also reviewed the role of the Hungarian Defence Forces in Iraq.

The lieutenant general pointed out that Hungary gives priority to taking effective action against international terrorism, which contributes to managing problems giving rise to illegal migration as well. For this reason, our goal is to maintain operational and personnel security at the highest possible level, added the Hungarian commander. He stated that we are continuously assessing the security situation of the region, and, if needed, we are ready to expand the scope of our military engagement in Iraq jointly with NATO and in cooperation with the Iraqi security forces (ISF).

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After Baghdad, the commander of the Hungarian Defence Forces visited Erbil, where he held discussions with Lieutenant Colonel Attila Hadi, the commander of the Hungarian Defence Forces Iraqi Training Support Contingent (HTSC) and also with the Hungarian consul general in Erbil. In what followed, he held a staff meeting for the Hungarian soldiers serving in Iraq.

Lieutenant General Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi also held a discussion with the commander of the Italian contingent in Camp Singara, Erbil. At the meeting, the commander of the Hungarian Defence Forces said that during Hungary’s engagement in Iraq, we have earned recognition from the USA and our coalition partners. He noted that in cooperation with our coalition partners, the Hungarian troops significantly contribute to increasing the Iraqi Armed Forces’ capabilities and thereby to the effective management of security challenges.

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The commander added that by carrying on their engagement in Iraq, in addition to their contribution to the war on terror, the Hungarian Defence Forces can actively serve the foreign policy objectives of the government of Hungary aimed at counteracting illegal migration and tackling its root causes on the spot.

CSM Zoltán Kaszab, the command sergeant major of the Hungarian Defence Forces also participated in the visit, and was received by CSM Sándor Szabó, the command sergeant major of the HTSC serving in Iraq.

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CSM Kaszab was informed about the work and living conditions of the personnel serving abroad, and held discussions with American and Italian command senior enlisted leaders of the forces stationed in Erbil. During the staff meeting, he highlighted how important it is that the Hungarian troops are executing their tasks to high professional standards in the region.

He expressed his thanks and appreciation to them for the service they spend far away from their families, and, together with the commander of the Hungarian Defence Forces, he wished all service members a blessed and intimate holiday season.