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French connection

Text: Sergeant Csenge Kis | Photo: by the author and Private Second Class Zsanett Farkas |  11:40 February 15, 2024

Lieutenant Thibault Lemaire has arrived from the École Militaire Interarmes of the French Armed Forces for a field exercise to the HDF 30th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, where the already-serving non-commissioned officers and enlisted soldiers are trained to become officers.


A part of one training subject is based on learning about foreign armed forces, therefore, they have to spend a few weeks at the armed forces of a chosen NATO member state within the framework of a field exercise or training course.

Besides participating in the training sessions and developing English language skills, students can also learn about the host country’s culture. Accordingly, cadet Lemaire learned about the system of military equipment of the brigade in Hódmezővásárhely, the Lynx KF41 and the BTR-80/A armored infantry fighting vehicles, and he participated in the live fire exercises organized by the companies during the period spent at the 1st Grenade Battalion. He also had the opportunity to learn about Hungarian culture, so, he visited the tourist attractions of the capital, among other things.

After returning from Hungary, the cadet will share the lessons learned here with his classmates within the framework of a presentation.