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General’s visit to Iraq

Text: HSTC-16 | Photo: Photos by the contingent |  16:08 June 30, 2023

Brigadier General Balázs Szloszjár, Commander, Hungarian Defence Forces General Staff Joint Operations Command and Control Centre (HDF GS JOCCC) recently paid a visit to the 16th rotation of the HDF Iraqi Training Support Contingent (HTSC-16).

tabornoki latogatas irakban 02

During his three-day stay, Brigadier General Szloszjár received a report from Lieutenant Colonel Attila Hadi about the situation and role of the contingent and the changes of the recent period. While at a staff meeting, the brigadier general informed the soldiers serving in Iraq about the transformation of the Hungarian Defence Forces and the tasks ahead of them. In his speech, he pointed out that all soldiers are needed because the era of build-up is about to start. He expressed his thanks for performing their duties so far, and answered questions concerning the personnel.

The Hódmezővásárhely soldiers serving with the contingent have prepared a board with the caption “We are with You” for their comrade who had been injured in the KFOR mission. Brigadier General Balázs Szloszjár took over the gift signed by the members of the contingent to forward it to the soldier concerned.

The leader of the Hungarian delegation closed his visit by conducting coordinative discussions with Colonel Jim Hunter, Commander, Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve – Military Advisor Group-North (CJTF-OIR-MAG-N), Colonel Antony Dennis, Commander, Erbil Base and Italian Colonel Stefano Salvadori, the commander of the joint Italian–Hungarian camp.