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Government submits proposal for launching military mission in Chad

Text: honvedelem.hu | Photo: Péter Lakatos/MTI |  12:48 October 19, 2023

Acting on behalf of the government of Hungary, the Ministry of Defence has submitted a draft resolution to the National Assembly for launching a military mission in Chad. Last week, Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky already presented the plan of the military mission.


Being planned at the invitation of the President of Chad, the objectives of the foreign mission are to strengthen the stability of Chad, and through it that of Europe and Hungary, and to curb the threatening new waves of migration coming from Africa. The Hungarian soldiers’ presence will strengthen the fight against terrorism, and they are also going to assist with the undisturbed provision of humanitarian assistance and the implementation of local development projects in the framework of the Hungary Helps program.

While announcing the military mission to Chad, Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky said that “we live in an age of threats. There are already two serious ongoing armed conflicts, and millions of migrants are flooding to Europe from Africa and the Middle East”. The minister of defence emphasized that Hungary is ready to undertake further tasks in strengthening the security of Europe and Hungary.

He pointed out that Brussels’ pro-migration policies have spelt great trouble for Europe because the mass of immigrants threatens our continent with security risks and terrorism. He said that the events of the Israeli-Gaza conflict and the European consequences of the Brussels terror attack are also warning signs that together with the immigrants, the conflicts of the Middle East and violent protests have also appeared in cities of Europe. He added that Hungary continues to consider preserving peace, halting migration and protecting the borders as its top priorities. The minister underlined that the launch of this military mission is important because Chad, a country situated in the Sahel has a key role in curbing African migration. Insofar as Chad becomes unstable, a complete “migration dam failure to inundate Europe” can happen.

The minister said that – in accordance with our position that instead of bringing trouble home, we must take the help where it is needed – the government of Hungary had decided to offer Chad a complex support package: during the previous weeks, it was making preparations for the opening of a humanitarian and development center, and a medical and humanitarian mission was there to help the care and supply of local people. By submitting the present draft resolution, the government makes a proposal for sending an at most 200-strong military mission to Chad in the spring of 2024, in the interest of halting migration, helping the fight against terrorism and supporting humanitarian assistance, said Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky in the recent days.

The minister of defence emphasized that the planned Hungarian military mission is a significant one from a military professional viewpoint as well, since it can be launched in cooperation with other nations present in the region, but yet as a standalone Hungarian engagement.

Press release of the Ministry of Defence

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