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Handover of Chief of Staff position at the Multinational Division

Text: Major Enikő Földházi | Photo: Captain Mirtill Fatime Papp and Csaba Révész |  09:17 April 10, 2022

Brigadier General Ernő Péter Siposs is the new Chief of Staff of Headquarters Multinational Division Centre (HQ MND-C). The position, embracing also senior national representative responsibilities, was handed over on Friday, April 8, in Székesfehérvár by Brigadier General Zoltán Somogyi, who will continue his service as the Chief of Staff of the European Union mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina from May.


It was the first time in the life of the headquarters that a leadership-level handover has taken place. Major General Denis Tretinjak, commander, after hearing and accepting the handover report, highlighted in his speech the milestones that can be directly linked to the name of the outgoing chief of staff.

Brigadier General Somogyi was the head of the Hungarian core planning team which prepared the establishment of the organization between 2018 and 2019, after the announcement of the Hungarian initiative to establish the HQ MND-C, and has performed the Hungarian senior national representative duties since then in addition to the position of chief of staff.


Major General Tretinjak wished both the outgoing and incoming generals every success in their new assignments, stressing that any change would promote personal development.

In his speech, the outgoing chief of staff emphasized that the achievement of a truly remarkable team, since the formation of HQ MND-C as an international military organization, has become a part of history. Brigadier General Somogyi expressed his hope that in the future he could again be part of the life of the headquarters, so he would not say goodbye, for him it was more an "I will be seeing you!"


Brigadier General Siposs pointed out that in a professional environment, no matter how unaccustomed tasks can be, they should be performed innovatively, with courage and faith, referring to the motto of the command.

At the event, Brigadier General Zoltán Somogyi received a certified copy of the Kossuth pistol donated by the Commander of the Hungarian Defence Forces, at the same time, the commander of HQ MND-C recognized the members of the core planning team set up in 2018.