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Major Enikő Földházi

20240510 Charles De Gaulle_KB_nyitó

Cooperation on Land, on Water, in Air

10:48 May 21, 2024

At the invitation of the French Armed Forces, Commander of EUFOR Operation Althea Major General László Sticz PhD and Deputy Chief of Defence of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina Major General Mirsad Ahmić recently visited the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, flagship of the French Navy, accompanied by François Delmas, Ambassador of France to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

20240506_EUFOR_katonai felsővezetői tanfolyam hallgatói_KB (nyitó)

A look at the Western Balkans theatre

15:16 May 14, 2024

The students of the military leadership specialization of the Ludovika – University of Public Service, Faculty of Military Science and Officer Training, General Staff Training Institute, Senior Military Leader Postgraduate University Level Programme recently paid a visit to Camp Butmir, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina to gain first-hand experiences of the two international military missions conducted in the Western Balkans country, namely, EUFOR Althea – the operation of the European Union (EU) in Bosnia and Herzegovina – and the NATO Headquarters Sarajevo (NHQSa).

20240405 HUN Medal Parade-8

United for Peace

13:58 April 12, 2024

The activity of the Hungarian personnel in EUFOR finishing their tour of duty with the mission in April, was recently recognized at a medal parade in Camp Butmir, Sarajevo. The Common Security and Defence Policy Service Medal – which contains the Latin phrase “Pro pace unum”, meaning “United for Peace” – was first received by the soldiers serving in EUFOR in 2004.

202404_Szarajevó_filmvetítés_FE (2)

About Hungarians, for Hungarians – in Sarajevo

12:06 April 8, 2024

On 3 April, in Camp Butmir, Hungarian soldiers had the opportunity to see a film about the Hungarian ethnic minority in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of its prominent members.

20240331_Szarajevó_húsvét_EUFOR PAO (0)

Easter in Sarajevo

11:42 April 3, 2024

Lieutenant Colonel Roland Kálinger, field chaplain of the 28th rotation of the HDF EUFOR Contingent (EUFOR-28 HUNCON) celebrated a Mass in the chapel of Camp Butmir, Sarajevo on the feast of the Resurrection.

202403_felkészülés_teljes_műveleti_készültségre_EUFOR_PAO (0)

Full operational capability achieved

09:56 April 2, 2024

Although the security situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is stable, as a second responder, the European Union Force (EUFOR) – which is conducting the largest military operation of the European Union – must be ready to deploy if the local authorities were unable to maintain a safe and secure environment (SASE).

20240119 MNBN TOA@CB2-24

EUFOR Commander’s year: Multinational Battalion under Hungarian command

15:05 February 26, 2024

This January, besides Major General László Sticz PhD, a Hungarian soldier taking over command of the EUFOR mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, another epochal change occurred in the Multinational Battalion (MNBN), the maneuver force of the mission as well. The new commander of the subunit is Hungarian Lieutenant Colonel László Nagy.


CISM Day Run in Camp Butmir

12:15 February 21, 2024

The CISM International Day of Military Sports was celebrated in Camp Butmir All participants were welcomed by COM EUFOR Major General László Sticz, who also started the run. Hundreds of personnel from EUFOR and NATO walked or ran the route.

V. Hadtest pk (nyitó)

Corps Commander's visit to Székesfehérvár

18:00 April 14, 2022

During his program in Hungary, Lieutenant General John S. Kolasheski, Commander of V Corps of the United States Army, also visited Székesfehérvár on Thursday, 14 April.


Handover of Chief of Staff position at the Multinational Division

09:17 April 10, 2022

Brigadier General Ernő Péter Siposs is the new Chief of Staff of Headquarters Multinational Division Centre (HQ MND-C). The position, embracing also senior national representative responsibilities, was handed over on Friday, April 8, in Székesfehérvár by Brigadier General Zoltán Somogyi, who will continue his service as the Chief of Staff of the European Union mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina from May.