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HDF CSEL visit to HQ MND-C

Text: HQ MND-C |  17:34 September 23, 2021

CSM Zoltán Kaszab, Command Senior Enlisted Leader of the Hungarian Defence Forces, visited the Headquarters Multinational Division Centre (HQ MND-C), for the first time, on 23 September. CSM Kaszab was received by Major General Denis Tretinjak, commander, and CSM Mario Mateljic, CSEL of the Division HQ.

2021_09_23 HDF CSEL visit to HQ MND-C (07)

The primary purpose of the visit was to provide the CSEL of the Hungarian Defence Forces with a comprehensive picture of the mission and structure of HQ MND-C in Székesfehérvár, the current level of operational capability and the medium-term tasks facing the organization. CSM Kaszab was also briefed on the exercises carried out and planned so far, as well as on the integration of the forces under this command.

The quality of relations between NATO's multinational divisions and the opportunities for the exchange of experience between these organizations were a particularly important topic for both number one non-commissioned officers.

2021_09_23 HDF CSEL visit to HQ MND-C (03)

CSM Mateljic introduced these themes in a keynote address, supplemented by a presentation of NCO positions at the headquarters, the characteristics of individual training, and the challenges posed by a multinational composition and environment.

During the visit, CSM Kaszab met the entire leadership as well as the NCO personnel of HQ MND-C and listened to their comments and suggestions in an interactive discussion. He encouraged the audience of Croatian and Hungarian soldiers to get to know each other's culture, working methods and experiences, all of which can contribute to an even more successful performance of their next assignment.

Led by CSM Mateljic, they carried out a site survey to see the conditions of placement at the HQ MND-C, which will soon be expanded with another building.

Summing up the experience of a very direct visit, both sides were confident that this first meeting would be followed by others.

2021_09_23 HDF CSEL visit to HQ MND-C (12)

“Only well-prepared and trained non-commissioned officers can guarantee the further development of the HQ MND-C, for which the knowledge of foreign language, the core functions and the totality of previous experience form an essential mixture” – highlighted CSM Kaszab.

CSM Mateljic emphasized that “every staff NCO, selected and appointed to serve in HQ MND-C, have a great opportunity to learn but also transfer his/her previous professional knowledge and experience into this multinational environment”.