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HDF organizations to be rejuvenated

Text: defence.hu |  13:47 January 20, 2023

“In an age of dangers, the Government of Hungary considers the security of the Hungarian people as its top priority. In parallel with the procurement of modern military technology, the organizational transformation of the armed forces is also under way. In this work, we have now reached the threshold of a new era. The personnel of the Hungarian Defence Forces must be renewed as well”, said Minister of Defence Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky at his annual assessment conference held in the Budapest Whale in the morning of Tuesday, 17 January.

The presence of well-trained young officers and NCOs with international experiences is indispensable for the use of modern weapon systems, operational and tactical procedures, for the related tasks of training and exercises, and also for successful recruitment. It is necessary to transform the personnel categories of commanders and officers so that the young ones can make progress.

For this reason, with unilateral decision and a two-month period of notice, the Minister of Defence may terminate the service legal relationship of those soldiers – serving with organizations falling under the scope of a government decree published in Hungarian Gazette – who are over 45 years of age and have at least 25 years of time in actual service relationship. In recognition of their commitment to the cause of national defence, their dedication and their efforts made in the interest of the country, the Government introduces the defence service allowance for the affected personnel. The basis of defence service allowance is 70% of the last salary, which is to decrease by an annual 2% as a function of the years still remaining between the age of life and the retirement age. Those entitled to the defence service allowance will receive it in full until reaching the retirement age in case they take a job along with it.

Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky said that this new form of allowance is not to be automatically paid to those falling under the scope of the decree, but is conditional upon ministerial decisions made on an individual basis. In a way that is advantageous to an extent unprecedented since the 1989 change of regime, this rejuvenation program opens up the possibility for the rise of a new generation of commanders.

Press release of the Ministry of Defence