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Hitting the target

Text: MAJ Enikő Földházi | Photo: LTC Eszter Skrinyár, CPT Mirtill Fatime Papp |  11:12 April 30, 2022

Personnel of Headquarters Multinational Division Centre carried out carabine and pistol shooting and marching on April 28 at the Bakonykúti shooting range.


Following a general one-week basic military skills development training, held in early April, the international staff of the Headquarters continued to update and improve their military proficiency and competence at the Bakonykúti shooting range. The shooting was carried out with weapons standardized in the participants’ forces, the Croatian soldiers practiced with VHS-K2 carabines and HS2000 pistols and the Hungarians shot with CZ BREN 2 carabines and P9RC pistols. As the Czech-made BREN carabines were received by the Hungarian staff just before the training, they were also adjusted before the peacekeeping shooting exercises. The event also included a 6 kilometer military march, in which, in addition to the Hungarians, the Croatian, Polish and Slovak personnel also took part. The practice was followed by additional “mandatory” military elements, gun maintenance and a traditional shooting range lunch.