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Hungarian soldiers in EUFOR saved lives

Text: Ministry of Defence | Photo: First Lieutenant Barna Koncsek |  13:21 April 6, 2024

Early on Saturday, the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina requested the help of the EUFOR international peacekeeping mission in finding two missing tourists.

Kismeret_20240406 MEDEVAC-14

Based on the decision of the EUFOR commander, Major General László Sticz PhD, one of the EUFOR H145M helicopters with Hungarian pilots and Dutch and Italian soldiers on board, equipped with thermal cameras and night vision devices, set off to search for the missing.

The air rescue was successful, the tourists were soon found on a mountain top. The H145M helicopter of the Hungarian Defence Forces provided for the EUFOR mission, equipped for air medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), flew to the scene with Hungarian personnel, and after extraction, they were transported to EUFOR's Camp Butmir in Sarajevo.

Hungarian specialists serving in the EUFOR Medical Center, also known as ROLE-1 continued to treat the injured civilians, who were then transported to a hospital in Sarajevo. In 2024, the EUFOR mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina is commanded by Major General László Sticz PhD from the Hungarian Defence Forces. Hungary also provides helicopter transportation and air medical evacuation capabilities this year. The success of the rescue operation was the result of the coordinated and professional service of EUFOR's special capabilities, including the Dutch and Italian night reconnaissance, the Hungarian Aviation Detachment with the MEDEVAC team and the Hungarian medical staff of ROLE-1.

On his social media page, Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky congratulated the soldiers and military physicians participating in the successful rescue and medical care: Lieutenant Colonel Attila Dajka, Captain Gábor Dobos, Lieutenant Dr. Levente Forgács, Lieutenant Dr. Tünde Hetei, Chief Warrant Officer Béla Freitag, Staff Sergeant László Gordos, Captain Sándor Kovács, Captain Milán Sipos, First Lieutenant Dávid Répási and Private First Class Gábor Vas.

“We are proud of their professional performance!” – wrote the defence minister.