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“I’m starting the vehicle check!”

Two platoons of Turkish troops join NATO battle group training

Text: Gábor Kálmánfi | Photo: Tünde Rácz |  14:00 November 10, 2023

A Turkish soldier dismounts the Croatian MRAP armored personnel carrier, and after thoroughly checking the vehicle, signals to his comrade: he, too, can dismount. It doesn’t take long until the two of them secure the terrain – with increasingly precise moves, thanks to a lot of practice.

torok szakasz 06

Counter-IED operations, operation of checkpoints, camp guard duties and securing a helicopter landing zone – for the coming weeks, these are some of the tasks to be performed by two platoons of Turkish troops who recently joined the training of the multinational NATO Forward Land Force Battle Group (FLF BG HUN) in Hungary. Arriving with light tactical equipment, the Turkish troops first learn tactics, techniques and procedures from the Italian, Croatian and Hungarian soldiers of the battle group in Camp Újmajor.

Lieutenant Colonel Zsolt Jakab, Commander, FLF BG HUN told us that after the training – as part of Exercise Adaptive Hussars 2023 – the whole personnel are going to carry out their assigned tasks following a redeployment. He added that the soldiers of different nations are professionally cooperating with each other at all levels.