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NATO Medal for Hungarian soldiers serving in Iraq

Text: NMI | Photo: NMI |  08:51 July 10, 2024

The Hungarian soldiers serving with the Signals Support Group (SSG) of the NATO Mission Iraq Headquarters (NMI HQ) received their NATO Mission Iraq Non-Article 5 medals at the end of their four-and-a-half-month tour of duty in Baghdad on 5 July.

The servicemembers of the Signals Support Group (SSG) have been drawn from the personnel of the Deployable Communications and Information Systems Module declared to NATO (NATO DCM-E) to provide Communications and Information Systems (CIS) support to the NMI. The outgoing contingent of the current rotation has performed its tasks under German command, in Italian–American–Hungarian cooperation.

In his speech delivered at the medal parade, Commander of the NATO Mission Iraq Lieutenant General Lucas Schreurs praised the dedicated service of the decorated personnel, and expressed his thanks for the execution of their tasks by high standards.