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NATO medals for the heroic stand

Text: Lieutenant Dr. Linda Szőke | Photo: by the author |  13:43 August 30, 2023

Speaking at a recently held medal parade symbolizing the end of mission tasks, the Hungarian Deputy Commander of KFOR (DCOM KFOR), NATO’s largest land operation praised the stand taken by the soldiers of the 28th KFOR Contingent of the Hungarian Defence Forces (KFOR-28 HUNCON).


Nearing the end of their six-month peace support mission, the soldiers of the KFOR-28 HUNCON serving in Kosovo received their NATO Balkans Medals awarded for the performance of the personnel in Camp Novo Selo, the base of the KFOR Tactical Reserve Battalion (KTRBN). In recognition of their outstanding service – which they have been doing in the often difficult and challenging period that has elapsed since this March – it was the leaders of the KFOR Headquarters who pinned the medals on the soldiers’ uniforms.


Hungarian Deputy Commander KFOR Brigadier General József Szpisják was also present at the event. In his speech, he highlighted and thanked the soldiers for the heroic stand they had taken in the Zvecan riots in May and the ensuing period. While praising the personnel’s performance, Brigadier General Szpisják emphasized that through their dedicated service, they had fully met all NATO operational requirements and the expectations of the Hungarian Defence Forces. In his speech, he pointed out that each soldier of the battalion had taken an uncompromising stand even during those serious and testing events, and helped each other as true comrades. Their service has set an excellent example and earned them exceptional esteem at the top leadership level of NATO as well as within the international community. By conducting themselves as dedicated and professional soldiers in every situation, they have made proud not only the Hungarian Defence Forces but also the Hungarian nation.

Following his speech, Brigadier General Szpisják decorated our soldiers together with the members of KFOR serving in leading positions.