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Overseas book launch

Text: Márton Ördög Kovács | Photo: Kossuth Foundation |  16:19 April 12, 2022

After a successful debut in Hungary, Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy’s book entitled “On the Centennial Tracks of the Great War – From Sarajevo to Trianon” was recently launched in the United States as well. The overseas book launch and photo exhibition was held in the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall (concert hall) in Washington, D.C. on 6 April. The book was lauded by Dr. Szabolcs Takács, Hungary’s ambassador to Washington.


Published by MCC Press, the book introduces the impact of the Great War on the world through 1700 illustrations. During its preparation, the author travelled to 57 countries in eight years, so his work presents a rich and comprehensive picture of the events and the memory of the First World War.


The book has been produced in cooperation with the MoD Zrínyi Nonprofit Ltd.