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The most important task is to maintain peace and security

Text: Ministry of Defence | Photo: archives (illustration) |  12:47 July 10, 2023

The soldiers of the Hungarian Defence Forces have taken an oath to defend those entrusted to them even at the cost of their lives, and this oath accompanies them in safeguarding the security of Hungary and the Hungarian people, as well as in performing the tasks required by international alliance systems.

At the end of May, several soldiers of the Hungarian Defence Forces got wounded in the line of duty, in the service of the homeland at Zvečan, Kosovo, while they were performing their tasks under NATO command in a peacekeeping mission of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Most Hungarian soldiers who made a heroic stand have already been allowed to leave for their homes, and their recovery is being continuously monitored; however, two soldiers are still in serious condition that requires further hospital treatment. The Hungarian Defence Forces and the military doctors are doing everything to the best of their ability in the interest of their recovery.

Despite the high-level medical treatment – following a preliminary consultation with the patient and taking into account the results of treatments provided since the injury – the condition of one of them required medical intervention with limb amputation, which was done today in the National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation. The surgery went well, and the patient is in stable condition.

The Minister of Defence of Hungary and the Chief of the HDF General Staff have the clear intention of providing those soldiers who have suffered permanent damage in the line of duty with opportunity for further service in the ranks of the Hungarian Defence Forces, insofar as it is in line with the intention of those concerned.

Press release of the Ministry of Defence