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Viktor Orbán: Peace, rather than weapons are needed in Ukraine

Text: honvedelem.hu/MTI | Photo: Zoltán Máthé (MTI) |  15:30 July 12, 2023

Peace, rather than weapons are needed in Ukraine – emphasized Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a video posted on his social media page on 11 July.


Viktor Orbán called the Russo-Ukrainian War the most important topic on the agenda of the two-day Vilnius NATO Summit. “The Hungarian position we will be representing is unchanged: it is peace, rather than weapons that should be delivered to Ukraine” – pointed out the Prime Minister. Viktor Orbán added that there would be a need for ceasefire, and that instead of war, peace talks should be started as soon as possible.

“The Hungarian position is clear, since the war is going on in our neighborhood, and because of the Hungarians living in Transcarpathia, tens of thousands of Hungarians are in immediate danger”, he said. The Prime Minister stated that Hungary wants NATO to stick to its earlier position, since it is a defence alliance. NATO has been established to protect its member states, not to carry out military operations in the areas of other countries – pointed out Viktor Orbán. Hungary’s position is currently fully in line with that of NATO, as the Alliance is not sending troops or weapons, and is not training fighting units, but is focused on increasing the defence capabilities of its own member states.

“This is necessary and correct, and Hungary will support this” – the Prime Minister said in conclusion.