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Ákos Pintér


Medical treatment quickly, precisely, on the move

15:20 May 9, 2024

“Soldiers either fight or train. We are now in the training phase. We hope we won’t need to use the knowledge accumulating here, but we must acquire it by all means”, said Major Máté Tóth on 7 May, the media day of the multinational military medical Exercise Vigorous Warrior held in the Bakonykút training area.


It Is Especially Important to Save Lives

12:38 May 9, 2024

“Wars cannot be won with weapons alone. It is also just as important to heal wounds and to save lives.” You are doing important work in this field – welcomed Deputy Minister Tamás Vargha, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence the participants of Vigorous Warrior 2024 in Bakonykúti, Hungary on 8 May. More than 1,500 representatives of 33 countries are participating in NATO’s largest military medical exercise to find common solutions and establish smooth professional communication with each other.

20240419_atlanti tanács_nyitó

Maintaining peace calls for dialogue

13:08 April 29, 2024

Prompted by the experience of a crisis of values and conflicts of interests in the transatlantic region, the Hungarian Atlantic Council is working to support the preservation and strengthening of the idea of Atlanticism in Hungarian society and also beyond our borders. The presidency of the organization gave an interview to the press in relation with its upcoming May 7 international conference.


Cooperation is the Future

11:20 April 29, 2024

Both parties can benefit from the cooperation of the armed forces and the defence industry – emphasized Lieutenant General Ferenc Kajári, Deputy Chief, HDF General Staff at the closing day of the Budapest Security Dialogue conference held in Budapest on 27 April.


Reconciliation Over the Graves

17:19 April 15, 2024

A large-scale commemoration was held to mark the 30th anniversary of signing the German-Hungarian agreement on war grave care in the Szentlélek military cemetery – that had been renovated by German and Hungarian reservists – in Székesfehérvár on Saturday, 13 April.


New era in the air force

12:54 April 15, 2024

“The capabilities of the KC-390 usher in a new era in the history of the Hungarian air force” – this is how MoD State Secretary for Defence Policy, Force Development and Defence Industry Dr. Zsolt Kutnyánszky received the first military transport aircraft of Embraer. He introduced the new equipment – which, for the time being, has arrived in Hungary only for testing, and will soon be commissioned in the Hungarian Defence Forces together with another aircraft of the same type – in Kecskemét on 12 April.


Rheinmetall: Production, Development and Testing

14:33 April 8, 2024

The personnel of the HDF 30th Mechanized Infantry Brigade got a unique insight into the domestic production process of the Lynx infantry fighting vehicle while visiting the Rheinmetall plant in Zalaegerszeg on 3 April.


Further significant developments in the Hungarian air force

10:15 March 25, 2024

This year is all about the air force in the Hungarian Defence Forces – stated Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky at an international conference held in Fehérvárcsurgó, Fejér County on 22 March.