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Air Show in a week!

Text: Balázs Trautmann | Photo: Tünde Rácz |  13:35 August 20, 2021

In eight days, on the last weekend of August, the International Air Show and Military Display can start in good order in Kecskemét, Major General Zsolt Sándor, Deputy Commander of the Hungarian Defence Forces announced at a press conference held at the Ministry of Defense in Budapest on Thursday, 19th August.

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He emphasized that good weather is expected and that the disease situation would allow the personnel designated for the execution of the program to prepare properly for the event. The domestic and foreign responses continuously arrive; therefore, anyone interested can spend extremely memorable two days in Kecskemét.

Zsolt Sándor added that, as its name suggests, the International Air Show and Military Display would be much more than just a simple air show, as in addition to dynamic aviation programs, the ground forces will also be presented. Classic and new military equipment will not only be displayed on the static exhibition areas, but spectacular, dynamic demonstrations will also be held.

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The key to the success of the event is the work of some 4,500 people, including 1,200 troops and police officers responsible for security, underlined Major General Sándor, who also said that 5,500 complimentary tickets were offered to health workers, police officers, soldiers, and disaster relief workers who had been involved in operations to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Major General Nándor Kilián, Air Force Inspector at the Command of the Hungarian Defence Forces, said that despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization and preparation of the Air Show progressed well. To date, participation intention had been registered from fifteen countries, which means more than 35 different aircraft would be involved in dynamic displays. At the same time, a significant part of the visiting fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft will also be put on display on the ground. In addition to the planes of the Hungarian Defence Forces, rarities, such as the Eurofighter 2000 fighter-bombers with British and Italian insignia will also visit Kecskemét, and the Swedish Air Force’s air team flying historical types, presenting genuine rarities, is also worth highlighting.

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Major Balázs Iványi, Deputy Chief of Public Information Office of the Ministry of Defence, emphasized that tickets cannot be purchased on site as they are sold exclusively at website www.repulonap2021.hu , where they can be bought in advance only, no later than midnight 26th August. Persons over the age of 18 may only enter the site upon presentation of a valid vaccination certificate. Under current legislation, no PCR test results can be accepted. No separate COVID wristband will be required, however, the vaccination certificate will be checked at several points of the Air Show.

Children under the age of 10 – including those who turn 10 this year – can enter the Air Show free of charge but they must also be registered for a HUF 0 ticket on website www.repulonap2021.hu. Children are given a wristband at the entrance, on which the contact details of their parents may be written, in case they get separated from each other.

There will be several free but unguarded car parks in the vicinity of the air base, to accommodate a total of more than 27,000 cars. As these are relatively far away from the entrance, there will be free shuttle buses from each to the entrance.

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The deputy press chief also said that the Hungarian State Railways will provide trains from Budapest and Szeged every hour, from Baja every 2 hours to Kecskemét, where there will be free bus services from the train station to the air base, for which the rail ticket will be valid.

Major Balázs Iványi emphasized that it is not allowed to bring any knives, stabbing or cutting devices, umbrellas, tents, or alcohol to the event. Alcohol would not be sold at the premises either, he said. He also drew attention to the fact that, for flight safety reasons, the area outside the fence of the air base, including the spotter’s hill, would be closed. Spotters can also register on the website, so – through presenting their reference works – they can also participate in the event free of charge.