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Another interception above the Baltic Sea

Text: First Lieutenant Róbert Tóth | Photo: HDF BAP QRA Detachment |  10:15 August 31, 2022

The fighter jets of the Hungarian Defence Forces participating in the Baltic Air Policing mission have been scrambled again. This time, they were put in alert status due to two Su-35 fighters escorting an An-72 transport aircraft, en route from Saint-Petersburg to Kaliningrad.


Although the Russian fighter planes were flying in international airspace, they did not initiate radio contact with air traffic control, did not have any flight plans and did not use their transponders. Flying above the Baltic Sea at an altitude of 9000 meters, at 12:50 local time the Hungarian fighter jets successfully intercepted and identified the aircraft that had triggered the Alpha Scramble. In what followed, the Gripens returned to their airbase in Lithuania.