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Deputy State Secretary’s visit to Allied Joint Force Command Naples

Text: JFC Naples | Photo: by the author |  14:14 March 6, 2023

On 1 March László Hajnik, MoD Deputy State Secretary for Defence Policy paid an official visit to the Allied Joint Force Command Naples (JFCNP), where he held closed-door discussions with JFCNP Deputy Commander Lieutenant General Stephen Kelsey and subsequently with NATO Strategic Direction–South Hub (NSD-S Hub) Director Brigadier General Aydin Kilic.


During the visit, the partners discussed issues related to the challenges of the security environment as well as plans concerning the current and future operations of the JFCNP, and worked out a shared position in the field of cooperation within the Alliance.


The NSD-S Hub Director presented the functioning of the organization, the Areas of Interest (AOI) of which are the regions of Africa and the Middle East.

Since the risks affecting these regions are diverse in their nature and multi-directional, (regional instability, poverty, overpopulation, and uncontrollable mass illegal migration), the two sides agreed on further cooperation in order to support the timely recognition and reduction of the dangers arising from the dynamically changing security situation.

As the last point in the program of in his visit to Naples, the deputy state secretary met the members of the Hungarian contingent. He informed those present about the reform of the armed forces and its aspects that directly affect the personnel serving with the JFCNP, and then thanked the Hungarian soldiers for their exemplary service.