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General Guglielmo Miglietta also attends ceremony held in the Bakony Hills

Text: HDF General Staff | Photo: Warrant Officer Lajos Szabó, Major Piroska Kozák |  14:07 March 6, 2023

Commander Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS) General Guglielmo Miglietta also attended the handover-takeover ceremony of the rotations of the NATO enhanced Vigilance Activity Battle Group (eVA BG HUN).


The first rotation of the eVA BG HUN was declared NATO Mission Capable during the multinational Exercise Brave Warrior 2022 in September 2022, and then started its six-month mission. On 2 March, the second rotation took over the tasks from the unit with the same troop contributing nations and operational capabilities. At Újmajor base (Camp Croft), the outgoing battalion commander of the battle group, Lieutenant Colonel Zsolt Szabó ceremonially handed over the unit colors to Lieutenant Colonel Krisztián Éless, who is also a servicemember of the Tata-based brigade.

In his speech, General Miglietta thanked Lieutenant Colonel Szabó and his personnel for their service, and wished the troops of the second rotation every success and endurance. After the ceremony, he separately addressed the Italian troops of the battle group, emphasizing that he is proud of the service and performance of the personnel, which do not only support the peace of his country but also the strength of NATO.

In what followed, the general travelled to Budapest, where he shared his experiences about the eVA BG with Lieutenant General Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi PhD, Chief of the HDF General Staff on a courtesy call.