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Exchanging views on cyber defence

Text: Viktória Darabos | Photo: Photos by the author |  16:00 October 26, 2022

On 24 October, a visit to the HDF Cyber and Information Operations Centre was made by a three-man delegation of the U.S. Joint Staff J7, accompanied by Brigadier General Prof. Dr. László Kovács, Cyber Defence Inspector at the Service Inspectorate of the Hungarian Defence Forces Command and Colonel Dr. Gábor Boldizsár, associate professor.

cyber 03

In his presentation, Brigadier General Prof. Dr. László Kovács informed the guests about the organizational structure of the Cyber Operations Command under formation and its future assignments. Then he went on to describe the Centre’s responsibilities in relation to cyber tasks and its achievements since its establishment.

In his report, the deputy commander of the Centre, Lieutenant Colonel László Polyecskó described the task system of the CIMIC and PSYOPS capability, highlighting the importance of participating in domestic and foreign exercises and training events based on international commitment. In connection with his report, the delegation viewed the equipment of the Combat Camera Team.

At the end of the meeting, both sides agreed on the need to find opportunities for cooperation in the future in order to share the lessons learned in the cyber, CIMIC and PSYOPS fields.