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Forward-looking command

Text: LTC Eszter Skrinyár | Photo: CPT Mirtill Fatime Papp |  13:46 April 5, 2022

In the last week of March, the forward command post of the Headquarters Multinational Division Centre (HQ MND-C) moved into field conditions. With the tasks, performed during New Bastion 22-1 battle staff training, the headquarters is already treading the path leading to achieving full operational capability.


Although the command post was set up only in the other corner of the Alba Regia barracks, which is home to the organization, in this phase it provided an excellent opportunity for the staff to practice and test parts of the revised command and control concept, as well as the important elements of both the operations planning and shortened HQ battle rhythm.

The preparation of the battle staff training (BST), from the info-communications and logistics points of view, started three months before the implementation in March 2022. That time, the necessary operational requirements were processed and the detailed plan of the Forward Command Post, including infrastructural, logistics and info-communications concepts, was prepared by the specialists of HQ MND-C and the elements of the Support Unit, formed on the internal part of the HDF 43rd Nagysándor József Signal and Command Support Regiment, responsible for the full support of the headquarters.

Within three days after the planning phase, the specified working conditions were created and the necessary workstations were set up, and after various system tests and a miniEX, the HQ personnel started the BST. The force protection of the Forward Command Post was provided by the assigned element of HDF 25th Klapka György Infantry Brigade.


The regulatory system of the multinational organization has been created and built up by the staff entirely from the baseline over the past year and a half, being considered of NATO standards and the regulations of headquarters with similar responsibilities.

In the view of the upcoming activation and in order to achieve the subsequent readiness levels, it is essential that the established operations procedures and instructions by the HQ MND-C let the organization operate in accordance with the requirements specified by the Alliance.

Accordingly, the practical applicability of the developed documents was examined, and, in the framework of operations management and short-term planning, the proficiency in core work was further developed; all of this, Major General Denis Tretinjak, commander, as the leader of the Forward Command Post, was convinced several times during the exercise when he was briefed.

During the first two weeks of March, the division headquarters carried out the planning of the “Slovak Shield 22” exercise to be held in Lest, Slovakia, in May, with American, Slovak and Hungarian brigades under its command. During the BST, while further developing the scenario of Slovak Shield 22, the personnel reacted to incidents such as an attack on a convoy carrying out supply transport and a road block caused by an improvised explosive device.


One of the most important training objectives was to achieve continuous communications and coordination between the staff at the main and forward command posts, because this is the only way to guarantee that the professionals have real and identical operational picture regardless of geographical distance. To this end, a national communications system, connecting the HQ MND-C driving points from an info-communications point of view was installed and operated throughout the training period. Based on the experience of these few days, the organization will refine its own operating mechanism, but all of these have also laid down the foundation for further constructions related to the comprehensive support responsibilities of the Support Unit.

The Battle Staff Training will continue in the fall of 2022, planned outside the barracks, to prepare the headquarters toward the CREVAL inspection scheduled for 2023 and to reach full operational capability in due time.