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Fuel supply specialists on Exercise Air Defender

Text: First Lieutenant Melinda Hovány-Pap | Photo: by the author |  10:22 June 23, 2023

The fuel supply specialist personnel deployed at Wunstorf Air Base, Germany of the HDF Material Supply Store Base (HDF MSSB) recently participated in Exercise Air Defender 2023, the largest air force drills in NATO’s history.


Exercise Air Defender 2023 involved altogether 10,000 service members from 25 nations, among them a 11-man pipeline contingent of the Hungarian Defence Forces Material Supply Store Base (HDF MSSB).

As part of the Safety Fuel Program, Hungarian and German fuel specialists have participated in the fuel supply of large-scale military exercises since 2012. Last year in Germany they achieved NATO full operational capability (FOC) during binational cooperation, and this year they provided field tank storage as a refuelling station for the American, German and Romanian transport aircraft participating in Exercise Air Defender 2023. Besides the German personnel, the task execution also involved American fuel supply specialists.

The high-visibility exercise received special attention at Wunstorf Air Base as well. The chief of the German air force, several German generals and the minister-president of Lower Saxony also visited the German–Hungarian Field Tank Farm, a mobile fuel warehouse of 2400 m3 storage capacity, which attracted major press and media coverage.