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In a reach of activation

The text of Memorandum of Understanding of Headquarters Multinational Division – Centre was finalized

Text: Headquarters Multinational Division – Centre | Photo: Photos by the author |  11:25 October 22, 2021

The script of the Memorandum of Understanding, the fundamental document of the Headquarters Multinational Division – Centre, located in Székesfehérvár, was harmonized by respective Member States during a two-day conference in Belgium.

2021_10_19-20 MOU event - photo by Frederic Rosaire, SHAPE (5)

The meeting, held at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE, Mons) on 19-20 October 2021, was an essential step in bringing the text of the agreement to its final form, taking the Headquarters at the gate of its integration into the NATO force structure.

As a first step in a multi-month process, the three framework nations, Hungary, Croatia and Slovakia, prepared a draft text of the agreement, which was subsequently negotiated with SHAPE. Experts from Poland, Germany, Italy, Romania and Turkey were then involved in the process of commenting on the content of the draft, as these nations had previously indicated their intention to join the headquarters.

At the conference in Mons, Belgium, the suggestions and opinions received were processed and discussed, thus finalizing the text.

2021_10_19-20 MOU event - photo by Frederic Rosaire, SHAPE (cover photo)

Having the text formally finalized by the Member States concerned serves as a precondition for the command to be integrated into NATO's force structure on the basis of a decision of activation by the North Atlantic Council (NAC).

HQ MND-C was represented at the conference by a delegation led by Brigadier General Zoltán Somogyi (Chief of Staff).