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Katalin Novák and Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi visit Hungarian troops in Iraq

Text: honvedelem.hu / MTI | Photo: Hungarian Defence Forces Command, President of Hungary Katalin Novák’s Facebook page |  15:52 December 12, 2022

We, Hungarians are pro-peace, we don’t want war, we’d like to have peace in our homes, our country and on our borders – emphasized President of Hungary Katalin Novák on Saturday, 10 December in Erbil military camp, Iraq, where she met Hungarian soldiers.

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In Camp Singara, Hungarian Iraqi Training Support Contingent (HTSC-15) Commander Lieutenant Colonel Gábor Hraska received Katalin Novák during her official visit to Iraq.

Speaking on behalf of the Hungarian people, the Head of State conveyed their respect and gratitude. She also emphasized that dark clouds are gathering above us, as the war has been going on in Ukraine for ten months. She drew attention to the threat of escalation, pointing out that we need the Hungarian soldiers to be able to provide and secure peace.

We need their service, we need armed forces that are able to defend the Hungarians and Hungary alike, emphasized Katalin Novák. She added that we need soldiers who learn lessons, have academic knowledge as well as hands-on skills, and whose experience and expertise we can also use in the interest of the defence of our own homeland.

Katalin Novák also said that international terrorism is our common enemy, “and you are fighting against international terrorism here, in the Kurdistan Region as well. The Hungarians are proud of you, and you are where you are needed now”, underlined Katalin Novák.

MoD Parliamentary State Secretary Tamás Vargha – who had already visited Baghdad and Erbil in 2014 – also greeted the soldiers.

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Lieutenant General Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi PhD, Commander, Hungarian Defence Forces was also a member of the Hungarian delegation. He was received on an official visit to Iraq by Colonel Daniele Pisani, Commander, Italian National Contingent. Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi held discussions with Colonel Joost Doense, Commander, Joint Operational Command Advisor Team, Colonel Javier C. Soria, Commander, Military Advisor Group, and Shakhawan Miro Lashkri, Director of the Kurdish Region Security Council.

The Commander of the Hungarian Defence Forces held a staff meeting in the Erbil military camp for Hungarian soldiers serving in Iraq, and presented recognitions to those of them who have performed excellently during the recent period.