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KFOR-27 – together with other nations

Text: First Lieutenant Bence Visnyei | Photo: by the author |  16:05 December 2, 2022

The HDF KFOR Tactical Reserve Battalion recently participated in a Cross Training event. The American, Polish, Latvian, Turkish and Danish troops serving with the mission were also represented at the Hungarian-organized training event.


The first part of the training started in Camp Novo Selo with weapon familiarization: the soldiers introduced each other to their equipment, helmets, night vision goggles, pistols, assault rifles and a number of other tactical gears. During the training conducted in a good atmosphere, the soldiers of all nations listened with interest to the multitude of technical specifications of others’ weapons, and learned the field strip and assembly techniques.

The second part of the training continued on the Golesh shooting range, where they held a joint target practice. This live fire event provided the nations participating in the weapons familiarization training with the opportunity to test the equipment they had seen a couple of days earlier, which helped to further deepen their shared knowledge and experiences.